100 lb. Coal Bag: Best Made

Curator: Jen Bilik
date: December 7, 2012
Categories: Packaging Design, Typography

I have a bit of a (one-way) love-hate relationship with the company Best Made. It’s so stylized and earnest that it’s almost a parody of itself, with its celebration of an oddly fey version of non-urban masculinity as dreamed up by an urban man. They launched with, of all things, artisanal axes, to much press adulation. Axes? Drooled over by national magazines catering to urban readers? 

Best Made’s blog is so lifestyle aspirational that you can’t even believe it’s real. But their products? Mouth-wateringly delectable in kind of inexplicable ways. All made to the highest quality and priced accordingly. Their enameled “What Good Shall I Do This Day?” sign hangs in my house. I gave everybody at Knock Knock their “Be Optimistic” badge for the holidays. 

I somewhat arbitrarily chose this particular Best Made item (a tote that is of course called a “coal bag”—you know, because urban men with $300 axes are also schlepping coal into their co-op apartments) because I just love love love the almost-asymmetrically-wrong-but-oh-so-right touch of screening the “Wonderful” first then sewing the straps over it.

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