100 Wishes: Hush

Curator: Daniel Savage
date: January 14, 2013
Categories: Advertising
Tags: art, experimental, hush
Process Video

About five years ago, I discovered Hush design studios through their motion design work. I instantly became a fan. Since then, their ability to innovate and push beyond the boundaries of motion graphics into interactive and experience design is what has continuously interested me.

For 2013, they sought to wish their clients and friends a Happy New Year in an unconventional way. Coming up with 100 “wishes” for the year ahead, they recorded each wish, amplified it, then played the sound clip beneath a tray of water filled with different paints of various viscosities. Creating unique patterns allowed them to transfer each word onto a canvas, which resulted in 100 original works of art, one more beautiful than the next. To top it off in typical Hush fashion, they made a wonderfully art-directed video documenting the experiment.

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