21 Balançoires: Daily tous les jours

Curator: Ryan Hovenweep
date: October 24, 2013
Categories: Environmental Design, Experience Design
Tags: Canada, Montreal, outdoor, social
Installation view of 21 Balançoires

Twenty-one swings in the middle of downtown Montréal that act as an instrument for musical collaboration.

As a designer who works primarily in the digital medium, I am always looking for ways that technology can facilitate human interaction. While technology allows us to communicate, play and collaborate with people from all over the world, many of these interactions are through the frame of the screen. 

Daily tous les jours’ 21 Balançoires has inverted this relationship, playing with assumptions around our conceptions of technology and social interaction through a nostalgic apparatus: a swing set. As participants swing, they create a musical thread that becomes more complex as more and more people join in. I love that it’s physical and social. I love that it is in a public environment allowing for interactions with friends and strangers alike. I love that it is so simple that almost anybody can participate.

This work stands as a defining example of how designers can use technology to encourage and enhance the interpersonal experience of people who live and work in physical proximity.

Video of 21 Balançoires

Installation view, night

Installation view, day

Installation view

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