4 Examples of Concrete as Sculpture

Curator: Brandon Ralph
date: January 9, 2015
Categories: Art
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The Iller Hydroelectric Power Plant in Kempten, Germany

I love the design of this German renewable hydroelectric power plant. Its smooth, bright white concrete surface and organic lines create a beautiful industrial sculpture on the riverbank.

On either side of the St. Anthony Falls Bridge in Minneapolis are these incredible concrete sculptures that are as beautiful as they are functional. According to The New York Times, the structures were created with a unique blend of concrete, which is “designed to stay gleaming white by scrubbing stain-causing pollutants from the air.”

Parisian sculptor Dorothée Loriquet creates beautiful forms from a variety of materials, including concrete. And I love these symmetrical lines from a concrete sculpture at the Zaha Hadid gallery in London.

via nytimes.com
The St. Anthony Falls Bridge in Minneapolis

via dorotheeloriquet.com
Dorothée Loriquet sculpture

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Sculpture by Zaha Hadid

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