72DP: Craig Redman and Karl Maier

Curator: Erik Marinovich
date: February 20, 2012
Categories: Environmental Design
Tags: Color, Environmental Design, Mural
Photo: Katherine Lu

Anytime Craig Redman and Karl Maier tweet that they’ve posted a new project to their site, I guarantee it’ll fill you with jealousy (the good kind). That’s true with their recent mural project for a garage at a private residence in Sydney, Australia. 

Most designers would likely reject a project of this nature but not Craig and Karl. Anything they touch they make their own, evident throughout their impressive body of work. Next time I’m approached for an odd proposal I'll likely consider it and think… what would Craig and Karl do?

Photo: Katherine Lu

Photo: Katherine Lu

Photo: Katherine Lu

  • Eileen MacAvery Kane

    It’s wonderful, reminds me of Bruce Wand’s “Buddha of Light” painting (http://mfaca.sva.edu/node/1690) – imaging having a garage like that?

  • Anonymous

    Nice. I wish I could see larger photos! :)

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