Meet Waldi, the First Olympic Mascot

Curator: Patrick Richardson
date: July 28, 2014
Categories: Brand & Identity Design
Tags: dogs, Olympics, sports

I want to use this post to extoll the virtues of my dachshund Buster, who's absolutely incredible, but it was suggested to me that I at least make an attempt to relate this to design. That said, in my post-rationalization research I learned that the very first official Olympic mascot was a predecessor of my dear friend. Meet Waldi, the face (and elongated body) of the 1972 Munich Summer Olympic Games. 

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Redesigning the Visual Identity of Berlin's Bauhaus Archives

Curator: Leta Sobierajski
date: July 8, 2014
Categories: Brand & Identity Design, Typography
Tags: Bauhaus, bauhaus archives, berlin, Typography
The Bauhaus Archives has housed the work of Bauhaus greats like Joost Schmidt, Wassily Kandinsky, Johannes Itten, and Alfred Arndt since it opened in Berlin in 1979. Now, 35 years later, designer Sascha Lobe from L2M3 has created a new visual identity for the institution by repurposing existing typography into playful geometric shapes--all by following the age-old rule of “form follows function," of course.
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Hollister Co. Flagship SoHo: Hollister Co. with Meyers and Associates Architecture

Curator: Manuel Miranda
date: June 12, 2014
Categories: Brand & Identity Design, Environmental Design, Experience Design

Made up of over 150 monitors, the video installation at Hollister’s New York City flagship store transmits a live feed from Huntington Beach Pier in California to the middle of Soho.

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Russian Virtual Cheese Labels Museum

Curator: Joe Marianek
date: June 5, 2014
Categories: Brand & Identity Design, Illustration, Packaging Design, Typography
Tags: Cheese, Packaging, peace, russia
In a dark corner of the internet, I discovered the Russian Virtual Cheese Label Museum which hosts a beautiful (and seemingly thorough) collection of obscure packaging labels from the second half of the 20th century.
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Betaworks Identity: Franklyn

Curator: Joe Marianek
date: June 4, 2014
Categories: Advertising, Brand & Identity Design, Corporate Communications Design, Entertainment Design, Typography
Tags: identity
The new identity for betaworks, designed by the Brooklyn-based studio Franklyn, is frustrating—in a good way.
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