Trading Cards of the Ancient Sages

Curator: David Grey
date: October 24, 2014
Categories: Art, Corporate Communications Design
Tags: Color, graphic design, pattern
I was recently turned on to the work of Mariana Abosolo. I stumbled upon a blog post with a few of her images and a link to a Flickr page

I don’t know anything about her ,but she’s making some incredible work. Her pieces look like antique trading cards, or outsider art cigarette packaging, or flags from a lost continent or tantric drawings made with office supplies. They feel otherworldly and lost in time. Each object looks found rather than made. 

I love how the scale of each piece is difficult to recognize. Sitting with Mariana’s work transports me to another era…and I’m not sure where or when that is. Subtle and raw. I wish I had made it.

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Betaworks Identity: Franklyn

Curator: Joe Marianek
date: June 4, 2014
Categories: Advertising, Brand & Identity Design, Corporate Communications Design, Entertainment Design, Typography
Tags: identity
The new identity for betaworks, designed by the Brooklyn-based studio Franklyn, is frustrating—in a good way.
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Vintage Apple Prototypes: Hartmut Esslinger

Curator: Joe Marianek
date: June 4, 2014
Categories: Brand & Identity Design, Corporate Communications Design, Experience Design
Tags: Apple, Esslinger, Floppys, Foam-Core, Pastels, Pin-Stripes
Apple rarely lets prototypes out of the door these days, but Hartmut Esslinger's book, Keep it Simple contains a bounty of foam-core mockups and lurid insights on their relationship from the early days.
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Whitney Museum Graphic Identity: Experimental Jetset

Curator: Marta Cerdà Alimbau
date: April 30, 2014
Categories: Brand & Identity Design, Corporate Communications Design
It’s rational and very expressive at the same time. It is not static at all, plays with the idea of a responsive “W.” Just using a folded line, playing with the angles of the capital letter of the museum, “W.” Brilliant!
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Messages and Means exhibition: David Reinfurt

Curator: Placement
date: April 2, 2014
Categories: Book & Magazine Design, Corporate Communications Design, Typography
Tags: David Reinfurt, Messages and Means, MIT, MIT Press, Muriel Cooper

Over the last several years, David Reinfurt has been researching the work of Muriel Cooper, who worked at MIT “in overlapping roles as a graphic designer, teacher and researcher.” Reinfurt curated selections of Cooper’s work for this exhibition from each of these three categories—her work as design director of the MIT Press, as a professor in the MIT Media Lab and as a researcher in her own right. 

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