Messages and Means exhibition: David Reinfurt

Curator: Placement
date: April 2, 2014
Categories: Book Design, Corporate Communications Design, Editorial Design, Typographic Design
Tags: David Reinfurt, Messages and Means, MIT, MIT Press, Muriel Cooper

Over the last several years, David Reinfurt has been researching the work of Muriel Cooper, who worked at MIT “in overlapping roles as a graphic designer, teacher and researcher.” Reinfurt curated selections of Cooper’s work for this exhibition from each of these three categories—her work as design director of the MIT Press, as a professor in the MIT Media Lab and as a researcher in her own right. 

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Once Upon a Time: Art Paul

Curator: Sara Frisk
date: January 21, 2014
Categories: Corporate Communications Design, Illustration, Promotional Design & Advertising, Typographic Design
In honor of AIGA Centennial Day today, I’m kicking off our celebration of AIGA’s history with a local highlight from 1986: the year that AIGA Chicago was founded as a chapter by Bart Crosby, with the support of 52 fellow Chicago designers (including the chapter’s first president, Wendy Pressley-Jacobs).
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108 Years of Herman Miller in 108 Seconds: Part of a Bigger Plan

Curator: ETC
date: November 11, 2013
Categories: Corporate Communications Design, Motion Graphics
Tags: Alexander Girard, Charles and Ray Eames, George Nelson, Herman Miller, Part of a Bigger Plan
We’ve always deeply admired Herman Miller, especially the work of George Nelson, Charles and Ray Eames and Alexander Girard. This video by Part of a Bigger Plan does an amazing job capturing the spirit of the place in a short amount of time. 
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Billion Dollar Webpage

Curator: OKFocus
date: August 26, 2013
Categories: Brand & Identity Systems Design, Corporate Communications Design, Experience Design
Tags: Berkshire Hathaway, OKFocus, Ryder Ripps, Semantic HTML as Design, Tim-Berners Lee, Warren Buffett
HTML and Industrialist Design. 

When trying to sound smart, people often open with some type of quote or unrelated story. So after googling “industrial design quotes” I found a wonderful page titled  “80 inspiring quotes about design.” I would like to share the following two quotes to open this blog entry:
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Reinventing Healthcare: Novant Health

Curator: Rachel Martin
date: May 10, 2013
Categories: Brand & Identity Systems Design, Corporate Communications Design, Environmental Graphic Design, Experience Design, Information Design
Tags: collaboration, Communication Design, community, culture, Design, Design Thinking, Environmental Design, experience design, graphic design, health branding, healthcare, hospital design, marketing, Service Design, social design, social responsibility, systems thinking, The Living Principles
Novant Health is a network of physician clinics, outpatient centers and hospitals that serves the states of North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina and Georgia. They have a vision to reinvent healthcare and transform the patient experience. Novant Health worked with New York–based firm Prophet to help develop a new strategy and brand that reflect their series of transformations in the healthcare field.
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