Stand: Aleksey Kondratyev and Andrew Colville

Curator: Placement
date: April 4, 2014
Categories: Editorial Design, Typographic Design
Tags: Photobook Club, Photography, self-publishing, Stand
Stand is a photo journal published “somewhat quarterly” by young photographers Aleksey Kondratyev and Andrew Colville.
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Messages and Means exhibition: David Reinfurt

Curator: Placement
date: April 2, 2014
Categories: Book Design, Corporate Communications Design, Editorial Design, Typographic Design
Tags: David Reinfurt, Messages and Means, MIT, MIT Press, Muriel Cooper

Over the last several years, David Reinfurt has been researching the work of Muriel Cooper, who worked at MIT “in overlapping roles as a graphic designer, teacher and researcher.” Reinfurt curated selections of Cooper’s work for this exhibition from each of these three categories—her work as design director of the MIT Press, as a professor in the MIT Media Lab and as a researcher in her own right. 

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Roaming Publication: Paul Goodrich and Andrew Jensen

Curator: Placement
date: April 1, 2014
Categories: Book Design, Editorial Design, Typographic Design

In the summer of 2013, students Paul Goodrich (graphic designer, Wayne State University, Detroit) and Andrew Jensen (photographer, Northern Michigan University, Marquette) packed a Risograph printer into the back of their station wagon in search of a place to make a book about. They ended up in Ravenswood, West Virginia, where they spent three weeks camping, talking to residents and taking photographs. They printed and produced a book on location that documents an aspect of life in this small town.

Toward the end of their time in West Virginia, they were joined by their friend Eva Zielinski, also a graphic designer from Detroit, who collected their hundreds of excess prints and bound them together.

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The Appedition: Zite

Curator: Mark Pollard
date: February 20, 2014
Categories: Editorial Design, Experience Design, Information Design
Tags: App, mobile app, mobile website app
Zite is the Giant App Slayer. It will change your life. And, by “it will change your life,” I mean it made a slight difference to mine but in the tradition of dramatic, first-person writing I will project myself onto you and then get all hyperbolic about it.
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Consider Everything an Experiment: Sister Corita Kent

Curator: Sara Frisk
date: January 22, 2014
Categories: Design for Entertaining, Editorial Design, Illustration, Typographic Design
Tags: Come Alive! The Sprited Art of Sister Corita, corita art center, immaculate heart college art department, sister corita kent, Someday is Now: The Art of Corita Kent
I’ve recently become fascinated by the raw and fearless work of Sister Corita Kent. Perhaps it’s the residual influence of ten long years of Catholic school, or the fact that my father’s only sister possessed an eerily similar tension—a Catholic nun who was one of the most fiercely independent and liberal women I’ve ever known.
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