Burak Arikan: Monovacation

Curator: Jer Thorp
date: March 5, 2014
Categories: Information Design, Motion Graphics, Promotional Design & Advertising
Tags: art, networks, tourism
Turkish artist Burak Arikan combined official promotional videos from dozens of countries into a network-driven deconstruction of the tourism industry.
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User Experience: Learning From The Masters

Curator: Joey Cofone
date: December 21, 2013
Categories: Experience Design, Motion Graphics
Tags: joey cofone, UI/UX, user experience, user interface
Web UI/UX is in its infancy—but there’s another industry that has been doing this stuff for decades: video games.

I grew up playing Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation—you name it. As I grew older (and leveled up), so did they. Low-res sprites became high-poly 3-D models; 3:4 aspect ratio turned into 16:9; mono and stereo evolved into Dolby Surround Sound 5.1. As the technology developed, so did their presentations.
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The Deductions of Universe

Curator: Adam Wong
date: December 6, 2013
Categories: Experience Design, Information Design, Motion Graphics
“The Deductions of Universe” is a recent paper art exhibition by Jody Xiong. He set up an explosion device in a closet to capture the interaction between heaven and mankind, as well as an imitation of the big bang. Eight volunteers chose pigments they like, connected them with the explosion device and put them into an enclosed closet with a sheet of paper. The volunteers then used their mind to press the button. The pigments exploded, forming arbitrary images on the paper.
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108 Years of Herman Miller in 108 Seconds: Part of a Bigger Plan

Curator: ETC
date: November 11, 2013
Categories: Corporate Communications Design, Motion Graphics
Tags: Alexander Girard, Charles and Ray Eames, George Nelson, Herman Miller, Part of a Bigger Plan
We’ve always deeply admired Herman Miller, especially the work of George Nelson, Charles and Ray Eames and Alexander Girard. This video by Part of a Bigger Plan does an amazing job capturing the spirit of the place in a short amount of time. 
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Pixelstick: Bitbanger Labs

Curator: Eric Rodenbeck
date: November 8, 2013
Categories: Design for Entertaining, Motion Graphics
Tags: art, design technology, Light painting
I don’t even know how to start explaining this, because a) these days I spend more time in front a computer than I do behind a DSLR, and b) I turn into a drooling, excited eight-year-old boy at the thought of painting with light, which is exactly what the Pixelstick lets you do. 

Painting. With freaking light!
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