Spaxels Drone Lightpainting

Curator: Heydays
date: May 21, 2015
Categories: Art, Entertainment Design, Motion Graphics

Spaxels Lightpainting from Ars Electronica on Vimeo.

The Ars Electronica Futurelab is experimenting with long-time exposure shots to create three models and animations in the sky.

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”The Massage Is the Medium,“ by Yin Aiwen

Curator: Warriors Studio
date: April 20, 2015
Categories: Art, Experience Design, Motion Graphics

“The Massage Is the Medium” is a piece of experience design by Chinese-born, Amsterdam-based designer and researcher Yin Aiwen, who’s work we discovered at Chaumont Design Graphique 2014.

The experience highlights the conditioning we are undergoing through extensive exposure to, and reliance on technology, specifically computers and the internet.

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Lernert & Sander for COS

Curator: Lotta Nieminen
date: November 28, 2014
Categories: Advertising, Motion Graphics
Tags: Fashion, Photography

The Sound of COS from cosstores on Vimeo.

It’s Friday! Now, if this doesn’t put you in a good mood for the weekend, you’re just a grump. Amsterdam-based artists Lernert & Sander create “high-concept art films and installations, with simple but stunning art direction, all driven by their subtly dry, cheeky sense of humor,” and this video for fashion line COS is no exception.

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Brutus Collective's Animated Thriller with Payoff

Curator: Erica Gorochow
date: November 20, 2014
Categories: Design in Film, Motion Graphics
Tags: animation, video

I’m usually able to look at a video and take an educated guess on how something was made, but "Horde" by the Brutus Collective eluded me. The film features masterful cel and 3D animation, in addition to an eerie stop-motion-like varnish that coats the each scene. 

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Man vs. Machine: Film4 Broadcast Rebrand

Curator: Erica Gorochow
date: November 19, 2014
Categories: Design in Film, Motion Graphics, Packaging Design
Tags: branding, Film, redesign

Film4 / Idents / Full Set from ManvsMachine on Vimeo.

How do you visually distill cinema in 30 seconds? That brief sounds as enticing as it is daunting, but London-based studio Man vs. Machine crafted a supremely elegant solution to that challenge in their rebrand for the UK’s Film 4 network

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