The Exceptional Typography of Les Graphiquants

Curator: Blok Design
date: March 11, 2015
Categories: Typography

We're great admirers of the work of Les Graphiquants, a studio based in Paris. They consistently push design at every level, playing with textures and space—always with extraordinary grace and beauty. Their typography is no exception, and is simply breathtaking.

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Hidden Details in Genius Packaging Design for Woodland Wine Merchant

Curator: Cast Iron Design
date: March 6, 2015
Categories: Brand & Identity Design, Corporate Communications Design, Packaging Design, Typography
Tags: branding, stationery, wine
Woodland Wine Merchant Bottle Wraps
Vintage-inspired design has steadily grown in popularity over the last several years and is often misused and/or poorly executed. However, when done right—like the folks from Perky Bros. have done with the Woodland Wine Merchant branding—it has the potential to cause even the staunchest of modernist designers to shed a single envious tear of respect.
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In-Movie Graphic Design for "The Grand Budapest Hotel"

Curator: Cast Iron Design
date: March 3, 2015
Categories: Book & Magazine Design, Design in Film, Environmental Design, Packaging Design, Typography
Book Cover
With nearly every scene featuring some degree of fantastic, mostly hand-drawn, typographic design, Annie Atkins made the most out of a dream opportunity to lead the design team for the in-movie graphics in Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel.
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Basic Stamps by Duane Dalton

Curator: Cast Iron Design
date: March 2, 2015
Categories: Illustration, Typography
Tags: Stamps
Moon Stamp
In between delivering his consistently high-quality client work, Duane Dalton has been working on a self-initiated series of beautiful stamp designs that he calls “Basic Stamps.”
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How the Star of David Inspired the Jewish Museum Identity Design

Curator: Tina Hardison
date: February 25, 2015
Categories: Brand & Identity Design, Typography
Tags: identity, Sagmeister, Walsh
The amazing Sagmeister & Walsh recently launched their identity for the Jewish Museum in Manhattan. 
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