Lernert & Sander X de Volkskrant

Curator: Heydays
date: May 21, 2015
Categories: Art, Book & Magazine Design, Photography
Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant asked Lernert & Sander to make a photograph for their documentary photography special, with the theme food. The solution was a transformation of unprocessed food into perfect cubes of 2,5 x 2,5 x 2,5 cm. A simple and clever visual input in the debate of processed vs. natural food.
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Acne Paper

Curator: Ryan Essmaker
date: May 8, 2015
Categories: Book & Magazine Design
Tags: art, culture, Fashion, Magazine
The granddaddy of them all in my opinion is Acne Paper. It’s truly an enviable piece and something that I believe can only be done consistently with a successful brand behind it. It’s format is ballsy and still incredibly delicate, with it’s recycled paper stock mimicking that of a very high-end newsprint. 

The typography is well-executed and the photos impeccable—it’s no wonder it’s released every two years. The amount of work that goes into each issue is evident.

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Fantastic Man

Curator: Ryan Essmaker
date: May 7, 2015
Categories: Book & Magazine Design
Tags: culture, Fashion, Magazine, men
Interior spread from Fantastic Man No. 21
Between The Gentlewoman and Fantastic Man, I’m a big fan of creative director Jop van Bennekom’s work. Fantastic Man recently celebrated their 10th anniversary with a redesign of their latest issue. I can’t say I’m a fan of the new cover, but the subtle changes in the interior are really fantastic (no pun intended) and worth perusing.  

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The Gourmand

Curator: Ryan Essmaker
date: May 6, 2015
Categories: Book & Magazine Design
Tags: culture, food, Magazine
Interior spread from The Gourmand Issue 5
The Gourmand is a great biannual food and culture magazine that’s well-designed and isn’t afraid to try new things. The spread with Nenah Cherry in the most recent issue (5) particularly caught my eye.

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The Gentlewoman

Curator: Ryan Essmaker
date: May 5, 2015
Categories: Book & Magazine Design
Tags: Design, Fashion, Magazine, women
Interior spread from The Gentlewoman No. 11
In my opinion, The Gentlewoman is one of the best indie magazines being published today. Penny Martin and creative director, Jop van Bennekom, along with their team are publishing something really special that honors the interesting and talented women featured in each issue. There’s not a copy I haven’t collected since discovering this magazine.
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