‘Resonance’ porcelain building art

Curator: Heydays
date: May 18, 2015
Categories: Architecture, Art, Environmental Design, Experience Design
The work consists of sheets of paper made of porcelain to fit onto the structures in the space. They seem to have been caught and spread by gusts of wind, and momentarily derive their shape from clinging to walls and corners. An idea originally developed for a windy archway in Dublin Castle, the installation is reimagined and remade for Ventura Lambrate, taking on other meanings in this very different space and context.
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Design + Food + Events = Land & Sea Dept.

Curator: Math Times Joy
date: April 3, 2015
Categories: Architecture, Brand & Identity Design, Entertainment Design, Environmental Design
Land & Sea Dept. is a Chicago collective birthed from four creatives, of varying backgrounds, often described as a design collective, restaurant group, and event company. All projects are developed in-house blending design, architecture, art, and fun. Next time you're in Chicago, add their projects to your must visit-list!
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Is This the Most Surprising Location for a Pop-up Restaurant?

Curator: Blok Design
date: March 13, 2015
Categories: Architecture
Tags: food

This idea should get an award just for best use of a frozen river. Raw, a gallery based in Winnipeg, Canada, has embraced the city's arctic climes by creating a fine dining experience situated literally atop the Assiniboine and Red Rivers. Now in its third year, they invite architecture firms from around the world to submit a design. 

This year's winning proposal is from OS31. It was the startling simplicity of shapes that caught our eye and made us wish, for a brief moment, that we could book a seat at the table just to experience it. 

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Snohetta's ZEB Plus House Creates More Energy Than it Consumes

Curator: Cast Iron Design
date: March 5, 2015
Categories: Architecture, Sustainable Design
ZEB Pilot House Outside
The ZEB Pilot House by Snohetta is a plus house, which means that it actually produces more energy than it uses (one step beyond a carbon-neutral or zero-emission home). Living in a plus house would be like eating pancakes that tone your abs. Every. Single. Day.
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What 360-degree Views of Gothic Cathedrals Reveal

Curator: Bec Brittain
date: February 20, 2015
Categories: Architecture
I've been revisiting Gothic cathedral structure again and getting so inspired. Columbia University has been mapping as many as they can with 360-degree panoramas, so you can poke around up on the ambulatory roof terraces and really get a sense of the exoskeleton scaffolding of the buttresses.  

I love the idea of primary, secondary, and then tertiary layers of structure. Of course, many of them are failing and falling, but I love the makeshift measures  (as seen in the second pic) to keep the buildings up, it's just adding another layer of support.
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