The Gourmand

Curator: Dan Rhatigan
date: May 7, 2014
Categories: Book & Magazine Design
The Gourmand is a London-based journal about food and eating “with a broad subject base and an international reach.” It’s got a refreshingly unorthodox approach to its editorial and visual content, celebrating food and its consumption from many points of view.
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Typographical Space: Wolff Olins

Curator: Jennifer Sterling
date: May 1, 2013
Categories: Typography
In this simple (yet intricately complex) piece, I’m intrigued by the deceptive simplicity—yet highly skilled typographical execution—of the “office” composite, with its seeming abandon of fluorescent post draped architecturally across the space. I want it...and I want to know how to do it. Two of my highest compliments.
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Wonk Typeface: David Karwan

Curator: Tim Belonax
date: January 9, 2013
Categories: Typography
Tags: calarts, modular, typeface
David Karwan’s thoughtfulness is balanced with the kind of curious exploration that I wish more designers exhibited. The systematic planning involved to execute something rationally experimental is a quality I’ve enjoyed seeing in David’s work. Through the aegis of Mr. Keedy’s type design course, David produced Wonk in his final year at CalArts. David describes it as “a spontaneous geometric typeface that’s based on the remnants of modernism (e.g. the square, circle and triangle) and its integration into an era of specialized systems.” It’s a deceptively simple face which mixes elements of 2-D and 3-D forms to equip the user with a system of built-in play and discovery. Wonk’s flexibility facilitates a sense of diverse complexity. In the spirit of wonky modularity, this “typeface system” also mocks “customization” and the idea of creating personal identity from ubiquitous uniformity.
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YBCA and You: Volume Inc.

Curator: MacFadden & Thorpe
date: October 29, 2012
Categories: Advertising, Brand & Identity Design

In thinking about those projects we envy, we recognize that it is the people we know—our municipal contemporaries—that most directly inspire our work, and sometimes make us grind our teeth with jealousy. So for our week here, we decided to shop local, and set some nepotistic limitations to our choices: only people in the Bay Area and only those we know firsthand. San Francisco is sometimes chided for its provincialism, but we’ve decided to embrace it and introduce you to some people in our neighborhood.

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Curator: Vijay Mathews
date: June 13, 2011
Categories: Book & Magazine Design, Typography
Tags: art, Magazine
From 1949 until 1967, Herbert Spencer produced the design journal Typographica. Even though the name implies a focus on typography, this internationally renown magazine was much greater.
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