Keys To The City Mural: Invisible Creature

Curator: Josh W Higgins
date: February 20, 2013
Categories: Environmental Design
Tags: Invisible Creature, Mural
I love this mural by Invisible Creature. They never cease to amaze. And they documented their process. The mural measures a 100 x 30 feet. The whole project and video is truly inspiring.
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Puebla, Ciudad Mural: Colectivo Tomate

Curator: Rafael Esquer
date: May 3, 2012
Categories: Experience Design, Illustration
Tags: Mexico, Mural, Social work

I learned the history of Mexico by looking at murals. Mexican Muralism was, in addition to an artistic, political, and social movement, an educational revolution. Murals became a popular teaching method in public places where all people, regardless of their race or social class, had access to them.

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72DP: Craig Redman and Karl Maier

Curator: Erik Marinovich
date: February 20, 2012
Categories: Environmental Design
Tags: Color, Environmental Design, Mural

Anytime Craig Redman and Karl Maier tweet that they’ve posted a new project to their site, I guarantee it’ll fill you with jealousy (the good kind). That’s true with their recent mural project for a garage at a private residence in Sydney, Australia. 

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