New Warby Parker Store in Venice, CA is a Sight for Sore Eyes

Curator: TRÜF
date: October 8, 2014
Categories: Architecture, Brand & Identity Design, Environmental Design
Tags: art, Mural, retail
I'm loving the graphic façade on the new Warby Parker store on Abbot Kinney in Venice, CA. The store is close to the TRÜF studio and it’s even more stunning in person. In a town full of murals and street art, this one feels different. 
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Keys To The City Mural: Invisible Creature

Curator: Josh W Higgins
date: February 20, 2013
Categories: Environmental Design
Tags: Invisible Creature, Mural
I love this mural by Invisible Creature. They never cease to amaze. And they documented their process. The mural measures a 100 x 30 feet. The whole project and video is truly inspiring.
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Puebla, Ciudad Mural: Colectivo Tomate

Curator: Rafael Esquer
date: May 3, 2012
Categories: Experience Design, Illustration
Tags: Mexico, Mural, Social work

I learned the history of Mexico by looking at murals. Mexican Muralism was, in addition to an artistic, political, and social movement, an educational revolution. Murals became a popular teaching method in public places where all people, regardless of their race or social class, had access to them.

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72DP: Craig Redman and Karl Maier

Curator: Erik Marinovich
date: February 20, 2012
Categories: Environmental Design
Tags: Color, Environmental Design, Mural

Anytime Craig Redman and Karl Maier tweet that they’ve posted a new project to their site, I guarantee it’ll fill you with jealousy (the good kind). That’s true with their recent mural project for a garage at a private residence in Sydney, Australia. 

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