You Are Beautiful: Matthew Hoffman

Curator: Firebelly Design
date: December 9, 2013
Categories: Advertising, Environmental Design, Experience Design
Tags: sticker, street art, worldwide, YAB
What started with 100 stickers and a simple message has grown exponentially over the last 10 years, building a worldwide community half-a-million stickers strong.

Throughout this week on Design Envy, each of our posts will feature an aspect that we value greatly within our studio. Today’s post speaks to community.
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Randomness: MOMO

Curator: Agnieszka Gasparska
date: January 2, 2013
Categories: Environmental Design, Illustration
Tags: Art & Design, Collage, Eye Candy, street art
As we try and ease our brains back into regular work mode, here’s some of our favorite eye candy to help sweeten the transition. MOMO’s super simple, highly graphic, and oh so sweet street posters—of which we are lucky to have three in our studio—are part graphic porn, part sheer math geekery.
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P L A N A H E A D: Madga Sayeg

Curator: Kelli Anderson
date: April 10, 2012
Categories: Experience Design, Typography
Tags: knitting, Magda Sayeg, street art
I whiz by Magda Sayeg’s typographic knit-bombing installation, Plan Ahead, on my bike at least twice a day. I even rubbernecked quite a bit when her team was attaching the pre-knitted strips of color to fence posts beneath the Williamsburg Bridge. However, I admit that my appreciation of the work was cumulative. It took about four passes for me to grasp how truly ingenious it is. 
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