Fuse: Skout

Curator: Katie Dill
date: June 27, 2014
Categories: Experience Design
Tags: App, Digital Design, ux
Despite all of the other chat apps out there, this is my favorite at the moment. It’s not Yo, it’s not Slingshot, it's not SnapChat—it’s Fuse! Fuse uses the contact list on your phone and it lets you make groups where you can share posts and comments. The magic is that you can give every post a “fuse”, a timer of ten, five or three mins. Once the timer ends, the image disappears forever. It creates a playful sense of urgency, delight and mystery.
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Curator: Rob Girling
date: October 29, 2013
Categories: Experience Design
Tags: 21st century design, Gaming, science, ux

Another great UX and design story—a game that actually solves real science problems

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Journey: That Game Company

Curator: Jenny Lam
date: June 25, 2013
Categories: Entertainment Design, Experience Design, Motion Graphics
Tags: game design, ux, video games
Journey, a beautiful multiplayer video game made by That Game Company for the PlayStation 3, pushes the boundaries on how games can elicit an emotional experience beyond the typical smack talk, machine guns, body armor and orcs.
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Rechner: Berger and Föhr

Curator: Kim Pimmel
date: May 8, 2012
Categories: Experience Design
Tags: Design, gui, iPhone, minimal, monochrome, nui, UI, ux
You’ll wind up swiping your finger or giving it the finger: Rechner is an iPhone calculator app that foregoes UI for NUI.
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Mattebox: Ben Syverson

Curator: Jonnie Hallman
date: January 26, 2012
Categories: Experience Design
Tags: App, mobile, Photography, UI, ux
I used to be a simple man when it came to iPhonography, typically shooting with the default camera app. Then Ben Syverson came along and introduced Mattebox. I’m still a simple man, but now with a much better camera app.
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