Viva La Revolución Part II: Fernando Gaverd

Curator: David Grey
date: October 21, 2014
Categories: Art, Brand & Identity Design, Poster Design
Tags: graphic design, Mexico
Fernando Gaverd is another amazing Mexican designer. He creates some of the sexiest work I know; curves and lines that dance at the intersection of human form and geometry. He has the sensibility of a classic typographer and the curiosity of a graffiti kid. His symbols are amazing. They look like Frank Lloyd Wright inspired alien hieroglyphics. And his photography is stunning when used in his own projects. 

I’m always impressed by his sensitivity to scale and rhythm and movement and inspired by his confident mark-making. I have a feeling the world will soon be seeing much more of Fernando's work.

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Viva La Revolución Part I: Marco Lukini

Curator: David Grey
date: October 20, 2014
Categories: Art, Poster Design
Tags: art, Mexico
Mexico is where it’s at. Some of the most creative, open minded and hardworking designers can be found just to the South. Marco Lukini is certainly one of them. Combining a photographer’s eye with a sculptor’s mind, Marco creates contemplative image-making that channels Lazlo Moholy Nagy, French philosophy and the Incredible Hulk. 

Before finding graphic design, he studied film and photography in Mexico City. His creative process is an interweaving of digital and analog techniques. Marco likes to loop technology and remix his own world. With the force of a hammer, he constructs, deconstructs and reconstructs the principles of magnetism through the elements of design. I’m constantly inspired by the weight, strength and truth of his black-and-white imagery.
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Casa Bosques Chocolates: Savvy Studio

Curator: Andreas Markdalen
date: July 24, 2012
Categories: Brand & Identity Design, Packaging Design
Tags: Casa Bosques Chocolates, Mexico, Savvy Studio

This year has seen the decline and end in movements and micro-movements in the world of graphic design, digital design and, I guess, to some extent, also in the first world in general. The promises of the modern (digital/visual) craftsmanship movement that sprung out of the hazy DIY fog that was 2011 ended up in nothing but Hipster Branding, fixed gear bikes and eccentric mustache Tumblr feeds in 2012. The aesthetic became a parody of itself in all its perfection and left thousands of creatives thinking… what happens AFTER this? What is the next step?

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Puebla, Ciudad Mural: Colectivo Tomate

Curator: Rafael Esquer
date: May 3, 2012
Categories: Experience Design, Illustration
Tags: Mexico, Mural, Social work

I learned the history of Mexico by looking at murals. Mexican Muralism was, in addition to an artistic, political, and social movement, an educational revolution. Murals became a popular teaching method in public places where all people, regardless of their race or social class, had access to them.

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