High-Performance Typeface: Quiosco, by Cyrus Highsmith

Curator: TypeEd
date: November 14, 2014
Categories: Typography
Tags: Typography
Nothing pleases us more than laying out body copy with a typeface that works extremely well. Like a good car, we tend to favor ones that have a winning balance of beauty, rugged handling and come packed full of features. High-performing fonts reduce the amount of time needed to make adjustments while working, especially when setting large amounts of copy in brochures, annual reports and books. 

Font Bureau’s Quiosco is one that’s high on our list of text families that demonstrate harmony in both charisma and execution.
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"Worth" Magazine's Lush Design, by Dean Sebring

Curator: TypeEd
date: November 13, 2014
Categories: Book & Magazine Design, Typography
Tags: Magazine, Typography
Hold an issue of Worth in your hand and you might never let go. From a front cover graced with spot varnishes on geometric illustrations to pages printed on toothy, uncoated paper (that feels like you’re turning pages of currency), you can tell that a lot of expertise and effort has been put into the design of this magazine. 
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La Vittoria Gastronomic Event Branding by lg2boutique

Curator: TypeEd
date: November 11, 2014
Categories: Brand & Identity Design, Experience Design, Typography
Tags: food, Typography
La Vittoria is an annual gastronomic event held at Montreal’s luxurious Ritz Carlton Hotel to fundraise for a different charity each year. Of course, we wanted to eat up the identity as soon as we saw it.
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Corey Holms Designs the SOTA Typography Award

Curator: TypeEd
date: November 10, 2014
Categories: Art, Typography
Tags: Typography
As Fiona Ross stood onstage at the 2014 TypeCon in Washington D.C. to accept the Society of Typographic Aficionados (SOTA) Typography Award, she gasped at the sight of the stunning object she was handed. We did, too. 
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The Church of Type Will Convert You

Curator: TRÜF
date: October 9, 2014
Categories: Art, Illustration, Information Design, Poster Design, Typography
Tags: Letterpress, Print, Typography
From Gutenberg to the Heidelberger press, moveable type sparked the mass production of printed books and was the first time information and ideas could be circulated on a global scale. The printing press was really our first Internet of sorts, and certainly the catalyst for typography and information and graphic design as we know it. 

Metal, ink, and sweat has largely been replaced by Adobe, Apple, and hundreds of digital type houses. And that's all good and “progressy.” But what's really exciting is seeing how these classic industrial printing tools are being reused and rethought to produce amazing new artwork that bridges the gap between old and new, fine art and design, and explores the cracks in between.
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