Simultaneous Cinema: Sam Burford

Curator: Cavan Huang
date: November 15, 2012
Categories: Entertainment Design, Experience Design, Motion Graphics
Tags: Cinema, Film, filmmaking, narrative, Photography, Time lapse photography
Ever wondered what it would be like to experience an entire feature length film in a single moment? I came across that very thing at an art exhibition in New York this spring. Sam Burford’s Playtime is an amazing time-lapse photographic transcription of the entire Jacques Tati film.
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Infinite City Cinema Map: Lia Tjandra

Curator: Peter Merholz
date: July 21, 2011
Categories: Book & Magazine Design, Information Design
Tags: Cinema, hitchcock, movie theaters, muybridge, san francisco, vertigo
Rebecca Solnit is an uncommon author, and Infinite City is an uncommon book. The book is built around a series of idiosyncratic maps of San Francisco, each of which explores an aspect of the city and its history. The book's gorgeous design is courtesy of UC Press Art Director Lia Tjandra.
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The Criterion Collection

Curator: Vijay Mathews
date: June 15, 2011
Categories: Entertainment Design, Illustration, Packaging Design, Typography
Tags: Cinema, DVD, Film, Posters
For over 25 years, the Criterion Collection has painstakingly sought out some of the finest films in cinematic history and has been restoring and re-releasing them to an audience that has, for the most part, not had access to them.
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