The Gourmand

Curator: Ryan Essmaker
date: May 6, 2015
Categories: Book & Magazine Design
Tags: culture, food, Magazine
Interior spread from The Gourmand Issue 5
The Gourmand is a great biannual food and culture magazine that’s well-designed and isn’t afraid to try new things. The spread with Nenah Cherry in the most recent issue (5) particularly caught my eye.

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Collaborative Cooking Brings Top Chefs and Designers Together

Curator: Rev. Fredrik Öst IV
date: March 17, 2015
Categories: Art, Experience Design
Tags: food
PJADAD, Christian Isberg, Carl Berglöf, and Lasse Korsgaard made a project that makes our heart pound a bit harder. It's a interactive machine that cooks food linked up to a digital platform where top chefs from around the world would cook together. In the chef world there are a lot of huge egos, so how would five of them manage to collaborate about what ingredients to add, how much salt to pour in, and how long it should boil?
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Is This the Most Surprising Location for a Pop-up Restaurant?

Curator: Blok Design
date: March 13, 2015
Categories: Architecture
Tags: food

This idea should get an award just for best use of a frozen river. Raw, a gallery based in Winnipeg, Canada, has embraced the city's arctic climes by creating a fine dining experience situated literally atop the Assiniboine and Red Rivers. Now in its third year, they invite architecture firms from around the world to submit a design. 

This year's winning proposal is from OS31. It was the startling simplicity of shapes that caught our eye and made us wish, for a brief moment, that we could book a seat at the table just to experience it. 

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La Vittoria Gastronomic Event Branding by lg2boutique

Curator: TypeEd
date: November 11, 2014
Categories: Brand & Identity Design, Experience Design, Typography
Tags: food, Typography
La Vittoria is an annual gastronomic event held at Montreal’s luxurious Ritz Carlton Hotel to fundraise for a different charity each year. Of course, we wanted to eat up the identity as soon as we saw it.
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Mikey Burton's Experimental Food Illustration Blog, Barrel Body

Curator: Dan Blackman
date: September 18, 2014
Categories: Illustration
Tags: Design, food, illustration
Illustrator and designer Mikey Burton loves food. In fact, he loves food so much that he's been documenting everything he eats. 

I recently stumbled upon Burton's blog, Barrel Body, which appears to be a playground of sorts for him: a place to try new styles, take chances and "get weird" with his designs. It's a nice reminder that a designer/illustrator should always keep playing to keep their craft fresh.

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