Field Experiments Goes to Bali to Pair Designers with Local Craftspeople—and Gets Some Surprising Results

Curator: Leta Sobierajski
date: July 10, 2014
Categories: Environmental Design, Product Design, Sustainable Design
Tags: collaboration, Design, experimental, Stefan Sagmeister, Travel

Misteur Valaire - Interlude by Field Experiments from Karim Zariffa on Vimeo.

Field Experiments is an ongoing research and development project, comprised of Benjamin Harrison Bryant (New York City, United States), Paul Marcus Fuog (Melbourne, Australia) and Karim Charlebois-Zariffa (Montreal, Canada), that explores traditional crafts by pairing designers with local craftspeople in diverse regions around the world. So far these experiments have yielded furniture, clothing, videos, publications, exhibitions, interiors, installation and printed materials.

I recently met some of these guys at Sight Unseen’s Offsite exhibition during New York Design Week (in May of this year) and I can honestly say that they're doing some of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while. 
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Airport Apparel: The Heads of State

Curator: Deroy Peraza
date: April 19, 2013
Categories: Advertising, Book & Magazine Design, Typography
Tags: airports, apparel, t-shirts, Travel
I’m a sucker for old-school air travel tickets. Initially inspired by the book Carouschka’s Tickets, which was given to me while I was in college, I’ve been collecting airplane tickets for years. Naturally, when I first saw these Pilot and Captain T-shirts by our friends at The Heads of State, I fell in love.
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Curator: Kevin Budelmann and Yang Kim
date: July 15, 2011
Categories: Experience Design
Tags: Travel, Web
So often, people don’t need more choices, we need fewer. When we need to book travel, we just want to do it without headaches. Hipmunk does a good job sorting this out, and is definitely one of the best sites we’ve seen in a while. 
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