Dr. Frankenstein's Busy Making the Perfect Human. NBD.

Curator: Isabella Bruno
date: October 29, 2014
Categories: Entertainment Design, Environmental Design
Tags: exhibition, history

In the lead-up to Halloween, I’ve selected five projects to scare, provoke and stimulate the designer’s brain. These aren’t all ghosts and goblins, but each has something special to offer.


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New York Doughnut Map: All-You-Can-Eat Press

Curator: Scott Stowell
date: October 16, 2012
Categories: Information Design
Tags: All You Can Eat Press, Design for People, doughnuts, history, information design, New York City, New York Doughnut Map, surprise

At Open, we like a good doughnut. (Who doesn’t, really?) But what we appreciate more than a delicious piece of fried dough is information design that people can actually use, experience and enjoy. So when our managing editor Jason told me about the New York Doughnut Map that his roommate had left on the kitchen table, I knew we had to tell people about it.

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