Man vs. Machine: Film4 Broadcast Rebrand

Curator: Erica Gorochow
date: November 19, 2014
Categories: Design in Film, Motion Graphics, Packaging Design
Tags: branding, Film, redesign

Film4 / Idents / Full Set from ManvsMachine on Vimeo.

How do you visually distill cinema in 30 seconds? That brief sounds as enticing as it is daunting, but London-based studio Man vs. Machine crafted a supremely elegant solution to that challenge in their rebrand for the UK’s Film 4 network

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USA TODAY website redesign: Fantasy Interactive

Curator: Cavan Huang
date: November 12, 2012
Categories: Book & Magazine Design, Brand & Identity Design, Experience Design, Information Design
Tags: newspaper, publication, rebrand, redesign,, website
USA TODAY recently did a massive makeover of its newspaper, but the most impressive—and perhaps overlooked—aspect was the redesign of its digital platforms by Fantasy Interactive. In particular, stands out from other major news publications whose sites languish in static vertical layouts. The interface allows users to flip horizontally through articles and entire sections, like scrolling through an iPad app. Stories are easy to find in the simple three-column layouts, defined by rich colors and large gridded images. And by integrating the latest in responsive design, HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript, they have elegantly layered articles and separated advertising from editorial content in unprecedented ways. 
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