Trading Cards of the Ancient Sages

Curator: David Grey
date: October 24, 2014
Categories: Art, Corporate Communications Design
Tags: Color, graphic design, pattern
I was recently turned on to the work of Mariana Abosolo. I stumbled upon a blog post with a few of her images and a link to a Flickr page

I don’t know anything about her ,but she’s making some incredible work. Her pieces look like antique trading cards, or outsider art cigarette packaging, or flags from a lost continent or tantric drawings made with office supplies. They feel otherworldly and lost in time. Each object looks found rather than made. 

I love how the scale of each piece is difficult to recognize. Sitting with Mariana’s work transports me to another era…and I’m not sure where or when that is. Subtle and raw. I wish I had made it.

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A Million Times: Humans Since 1982

Curator: Julia Zeltser
date: April 15, 2013
Categories: Entertainment Design, Experience Design, Typography
Tags: black and white, clock, digital clock, kinetic video, minimal, pattern

A million times (Time Dubai) by Humans since 1982 from Humans since 1982 on Vimeo.

A Million Times is a kinetic art installation by Humans Since 1982, a Stockholm-based studio led by Per Emanuelsson and Bastian Bischoff. The 288 analog clocks, installed in a 24 x 12 clock rectangle (135.5 x 71 x 2 in.), are controlled via iPad and programmed using custom software. The two black arms of each white powder-coated clock slowly move to form visual patterns that transition into a functional digital clock interface. The piece is currently on display at the Victor Hunt gallery in Brussels.

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Temari Ball: Susan Kelly

Curator: Jim Sherraden
date: February 13, 2013
Categories: Entertainment Design
Tags: pattern, temari ball
I receive a small magazine from a friend who sells real estate. Every now and then there’s an article I find compelling enough to read. This one was about the Chinese/Japanese folk art of embroidering balls with silk thread salvaged (historically) from old kimonos. I had never heard of such a thing, but was instantly drawn to the balance and color of the design. This temari ball and photograph was created by Susan Kelly. She gives a portion of each sale to someone in the form of a micro-loan.
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