Esther Stewart's Deceptively Simple Geometric Artwork

Curator: Verònica Fuerte
date: April 8, 2015
Categories: Art, Poster Design
Tags: art, painting, Poster
Esther Stewart

Esther Stewart is an Australian artist. At first glance her work seems to be digital, but it's actually painted. Her work is simple—but that’s not a bad thing. It might seem easy to draw geometric shapes and color them in, but getting the balance between both sides is really quite difficult.

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Eike König

Curator: Verònica Fuerte
date: April 7, 2015
Categories: Poster Design, Typography
Tags: Poster, Print, Typography
Eike König

Eike König is the founder of Hort, but he also makes hand-printed posters on the side with funny messages and powerful visual language. (Check out his seriously good Instagram feed.)

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Derek Kim of Network Osaka Designs the World He Wants To See

Curator: Peter McClelland
date: October 3, 2014
Categories: Brand & Identity Design
Tags: graphic design, Poster
If you haven’t run into Derek Kim’s work yet, you should just stop reading this and click here.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with this incredibly talented designer (and professional F-bomb dropper). As his Muni rebrand concept shows, he thinks like we all should: appreciating and challenging the often overlooked design that's around us. 

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Alex Trochut's New Binary Prints Glow in the Dark

Curator: Chris Rubino
date: July 18, 2014
Categories: Illustration, Poster Design
Tags: chris rubino, illustration, Poster, printmaking, screenprint

Following the publication of his monograph “More is More,” designer and illustrator Alex Trochut became interested in how the duality of objects could be represented in two-dimensional works on paper. To do this, he invented binary printing, a screenprinting technique through which two completely separate images can overlap on the same surface–but one appears only in the light, and one appears only in the dark. 

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Show Boat: Thirst

Curator: Firebelly Design
date: December 10, 2013
Categories: Advertising, Entertainment Design, Typography
Tags: opera, Poster, promo

Thirst produces work that is bold, beautiful and unexpected. Beyond having the vision and technical skills, Thirst has the exceptional ability to speak to—and back up—their ideas.

Throughout this week on Design Envy, each of our posts will feature an aspect that we value greatly within our studio. Today’s post speaks to trust.

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