Artist Janine Rewell's Collab with Shoe Designer Minna Parikka

Curator: Karan Singh
date: August 25, 2014
Categories: Advertising, Illustration, Photography
Tags: art, branding, Fashion
I first discovered Finnish artist Janine Rewell’s work a couple of years back via her reps Agent Pekka. I’m pretty sure when this happened I wanted to put everything I’d ever made onto an external hard drive and then catapult it into the ocean. Her work is that good and I’m just that melodramatic. Keeping tabs on her has been a joy, and when this collaboration with Finnish shoe designer Marina Parikka dropped this year I was insanely jealous. 
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Why Public School's Fall/Winter 2014 Collection is Just. So. Good.

Curator: Alex Mustonen
date: July 22, 2014
Categories: Experience Design
Tags: Fashion
The experience of seeing Public School's Winter 2014 show in New York this past February was a little unreal. The excitement in the room was electric, like watching your hometown team move up to the majors. 

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Atmospheric Reentry: Maiko Takeda

Curator: Christopher Jenner
date: November 28, 2013
Categories: Experience Design
Tags: Fashion, millinery

Maiko Takeda came to prominence in 2-13 with her collection “Atmospheric Reentry.”

Her work focuses on a passion for geometry and space.

The color and shape of this headpiece remind me of a civilization that lives underwater, on a planet in a far away universe.

Exceptional detail and skill combine to make something truly original.

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Stellar: Ignacio Torres

Curator: Nicole Jacek
date: July 25, 2013
Categories: Advertising, Book & Magazine Design, Entertainment Design, Illustration, Motion Graphics
Tags: Animated Gifs, Fashion, Fashion Photography, Ignacio Torres, Photography, Stellar
I f***ing love outer space, all those planets and stars and s***. Maybe that’s why I f***ing love this series of animated images.
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Polka Dots and Civil Rights: Doug and Gene Meyer

Curator: Nancy Sharon Collins
date: April 8, 2013
Categories: Entertainment Design, Environmental Design
Tags: architecture, editorial design, Fashion, interiors, mid-century design, style

Doug and Gene Meyer: The Longue Vue Installation,” was a decorative arts, fashion and design exhibition curated by Jeff McKay earlier this year in New Orleans. (Note from author: I’m terribly envious of what these bright brothers, a style monger and the spirit of a social activist socialite pulled off in my hometown. This group took a mere retrospective of the Meyers’ work and created a blockbuster event.)

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