The Deductions of Universe

Curator: Adam Wong
date: December 6, 2013
Categories: Experience Design, Information Design, Motion Graphics
“The Deductions of Universe” is a recent paper art exhibition by Jody Xiong. He set up an explosion device in a closet to capture the interaction between heaven and mankind, as well as an imitation of the big bang. Eight volunteers chose pigments they like, connected them with the explosion device and put them into an enclosed closet with a sheet of paper. The volunteers then used their mind to press the button. The pigments exploded, forming arbitrary images on the paper.
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Rain Room: rAndom International

Curator: Local Projects
date: March 4, 2013
Categories: Experience Design
Tags: 3D tracking cameras, installation, interaction design, rAndom International, water
The Rain Room installation created by rAndom International at the Barbican Centre in London invites visitors to enter a downpour of rain only to discover that their bodies interrupt the flow of water anywhere they go—they never get wet even as the rain continues to fall all around them. 
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Durga: Gautam Rangan

Curator: Matt Checkowski
date: September 28, 2012
Categories: Environmental Graphic Design, Experience Design, Illustration
Tags: installation, interface, storytelling

Durga from gautam rangan on Vimeo.

The interactive installation by Gautam Rangan retells the story of Durga Mahisasura Mardini, a Hindu goddess. The rotating canvas is an interface that reveals the two different versions of the story. When rotated counterclockwise, the wheel tells the story of Durga and Mahisha fighting one another. When rotated clockwise, the story transforms—and Durga and Mahisha fall in love.
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Bianca Cruise Ship Interior: Atelier Manferdini

Curator: Matt Checkowski
date: September 24, 2012
Categories: Environmental Graphic Design, Experience Design
Tags: Color, Facets. Cruise Ships, graphic design, installation
Interior design of Bianca, a cruise ship on Lake Biwa in Japan, by Elena Manferdini. The design integrates a prismatic reflection of the exterior landscapes and horizons onto the interior of the ship.
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SA MI 75 DZ NY 12: Doug Wheeler

Curator: Kelli Anderson
date: April 12, 2012
Categories: Experience Design
Tags: architecture, Doug Wheeler, installation, space
Some of my favorite movie moments involve a swimming pool, a character and a pause in storytelling. In The Graduate, Harold & Maude and Rushmore (just to name a few), a character walks to the pool’s edge where they drop, splash and quietly float for some several long, uncomfortable seconds. The camera’s indifferent, slow pan mollifies any sense of alarm—narrative concerns like “drowning?” fade into the background. These scenes are different than the others. They are voluptuously sensory experiences, which provide a surreal moment of sympathetic sensation within the otherwise plot-driven medium of film.
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