New Identity for PUNK

Curator: Garth Walker
date: August 15, 2013
Categories: Brand & Identity Systems Design, Motion Graphics
Tags: branding, digital, identity
One of South Africa’s über ad agencies, the King James Group, has developed a “morphing identity” for their digital division, PUNK.
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San Francisco Design Week 2012: Manual

Curator: Tina Hardison
date: September 7, 2012
Categories: Brand & Identity Systems Design
Tags: branding, identity
If there is one identity project I’ve swooned over this year it would have to be Manual’s San Francisco Design Week branding. Led by Creative Director Tom Crabtree, the project combines tactile visuals and lush photography (by one of my favorite photographers, Michael O’Neal) to create a stunning design system. 
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United Religions Initiative: Nicole Flores

Curator: Brent Couchman
date: April 26, 2012
Categories: Brand & Identity Systems Design, Corporate Communications Design, Illustration
Tags: identity, illustration, logo, nicole flores, stationery system
Nicole Flores designed the brand look and feel for DDB SF client United Religions Initiative, an internationally recognized interfaith network based in San Francisco.
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Two Bettys: Aesthetic Apparatus

Curator: Mikey Burton
date: March 15, 2012
Categories: Brand & Identity Systems Design, Design for Entertaining, Illustration, Package Design
Tags: Color, Handmade, identity, logo, Print, screen, screen-print

Since design school, I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Aesthetic Apparatus. They’re the main reason I (like many) started making gig posters. I still remember seeing this Meat puppets poster in a few magazines and thinking how cool/different it was. I love that these dudes are still making jaw-dropping work like this hand crafted identity system for twin-cities-based Two Bettys Green Cleaning Service.

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Flow Festival 2011: Tsto

Curator: Jessica Walsh
date: January 17, 2012
Categories: Brand & Identity Systems Design, Motion Graphics
Tags: identity, Motion, Print, Tsto
Flow Festival 2011 was designed by Tsto, a Helsinki-based design studio founded by Johannes Ekholm, Inka Järvinen, Jaakko Pietiläinen, Jonatan Eriksson, Matti Kunttu and Antti Uotila. 
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