Stand: Aleksey Kondratyev and Andrew Colville

Curator: Placement
date: April 4, 2014
Categories: Editorial Design, Typographic Design
Tags: Photobook Club, Photography, self-publishing, Stand
Stand is a photo journal published “somewhat quarterly” by young photographers Aleksey Kondratyev and Andrew Colville.
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History, Now In Color: Reddit

Curator: Joey Cofone
date: December 17, 2013
Categories: Design for Entertaining, Experience Design
Tags: joey cofone, Photography
There’s an entire community of hobbyists who spend their spare time colorizing historical photography. 

One gathering and sharing place is /r/ColorizedHistory on Reddit, where the users are “...dedicated to high quality colorizations of historical black and white images, and discussions of a historical nature.”

Their work helps us view the past in a different light—almost as if it were the present—just by coloring images in a manner that allows them to be more relatable.  Going through the posts turns into an adventure. It’s like seeing things for the first time, even though the subject matter isn’t necessarily anything new.

As designers, taking a moment to really dig into an interesting experience such as this can help us apply similar rethinking in other areas of our life—and work. Hope you enjoy.
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Stellar: Ignacio Torres

Curator: Nicole Jacek
date: July 25, 2013
Categories: Design for Entertaining, Editorial Design, Illustration, Motion Graphics, Promotional Design & Advertising
Tags: Animated Gifs, Fashion, Fashion Photography, Ignacio Torres, Photography, Stellar
I f***ing love outer space, all those planets and stars and s***. Maybe that’s why I f***ing love this series of animated images.
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The Gathering of the Juggalos: Daniel Cronin

Curator: Aaron Draplin
date: July 16, 2013
Categories: Book Design
Tags: books, Faygo, Nondescript Cars, Photography
Daniel Cronin’s got mad Juggalo respect. Those frisky Juggalos are an easy target. The face paint. The tattoos. The tunes. I’d be a baldfaced liar if I told you I didn’t make my fair share of fun of them over the years. I mean, hell, they sort of ask for it, you know?
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Theaters: Hiroshi Sugimoto

Curator: Karin Fong
date: March 15, 2013
Categories: Book Design
Tags: Photography

Somehow I’ve avoided the screen all week, so it’s fitting to focus on it for my final post. 

Oh, if only I could transform time as elegantly as does Hiroshi Sugimoto in this series of photographs, one of my all-time top inspirations…

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