"The Collecteur" is Fashion Still Life with Personality

Curator: TRÜF
date: October 6, 2014
Categories: Art, Photography
Tags: Fashion, Photography
I recently saw this Instagram as one of “five to follow” in T Magazine under fashion things, and I immediately fell in love with the quirky images and unique idea to curate and style high-fashion items like shoes, bags, clothing, and jewelry into avant garde still-life images.
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NY's Most Iconic Photography in Documentary "Everybody Street"

Curator: Jennette Snape
date: August 7, 2014
Categories: Photography
Tags: Documentary, Film, Photography
The documentary Everybody Street illuminates the lives and work of New York’s iconic street photographers and the incomparable city that has inspired them for decades. To capture the visceral rush, singular perseverance and, at times, immediate danger customary to these artists, the film covers the past nine decades of street photography and explores the careers of many notable photographers, a number of whom have never been documented before (an interesting and poignant comment for today's Instagram society). 
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What Happens When Photographer Bob Martus Shows Up at a Bike Rally?

Curator: Michael Freimuth
date: July 30, 2014
Categories: Photography
Tags: art, bicycles, Photography
Bob Martus is hitting his prime—and I think everyone can tell. The Detroit-born, New York-based photographer just is his work. Not that he’s a workaholic (he likes his rosé way too much), but he’s got a definitive style you can read as soon as you meet him, and it comes through in his image-making.
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How Artists Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari Interpret Radical Design for Toilet Paper Magazine

Curator: Leta Sobierajski
date: July 7, 2014
Categories: Advertising, Book & Magazine Design
Tags: furniture, industrial design, models, Photography, radical design, styling
Toilet Paper is an artists’ magazine created by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, exuding a surreal and ironic vernacular that both startles and seduces the reader at the turn of every page. There aren’t any texts or excerpts—only imagery and a long list of contributors, assistants, stylists and producers.
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TOILET PAPER 9 Magazine: Maurizio Cattelan, Pierpaolo Ferrari and Micol Talso

Curator: Marta Cerdà Alimbau
date: April 28, 2014
Categories: Advertising, Book & Magazine Design
Tags: concept, Photography
TOILET PAPER is a picture-based magazine founded in 2010 by great artist Maurizio Cattelan and photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari with the art direction of Micol Talso.
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