56 Broken Kindle Screens: Sebastian Schmieg and Silvio Lorusso

Curator: Darrin Crescenzi
date: September 19, 2012
Categories: Book Design, Editorial Design
Tags: Book, broken, ebook, glitch, ibook, kindle

There’s a certain irony that designers—harnessers of human emotion for practical purposes—do the overwhelming majority of their work on machines which operate in nothing but rigid electrical impulses and mathematical code. Rooted somewhere deep in that dichotomy is this interesting project, 56 Broken Kindle Screens.

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The Presets Music Video: Yoshi Sodeoka

Curator: Darrin Crescenzi
date: September 17, 2012
Categories: Design for Entertaining, Motion Graphics
Tags: art, Film, glitch, playstation, presets, sodeoka, video, yoshi, youth
In the form of a music video for the latest single from Australia’s The Presets, Japanese artist Yoshi Sodeoka has made a stunning work of glitchy techno-dada created using riot videos, Internet culture references and a broken PlayStation. It’s weird, obnoxious and completely stunning.
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Music for Shuffle: Matthew Irvine Brown

Curator: Rafael Fajardo
date: November 2, 2011
Categories: Design for Entertaining, Experience Design, Information Design
Tags: glitch, minimalism, temporal geometry
Matthew Irvine Brown has created a set of 18 short tracks composed—designed—to be played in shuffle mode on an MP3 player, as an exploration of the contemporary contexts for music.
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