Durga: Gautam Rangan

Curator: Matt Checkowski
date: September 28, 2012
Categories: Environmental Design, Experience Design, Illustration
Tags: installation, interface, storytelling

Durga from gautam rangan on Vimeo.

The interactive installation by Gautam Rangan retells the story of Durga Mahisasura Mardini, a Hindu goddess. The rotating canvas is an interface that reveals the two different versions of the story. When rotated counterclockwise, the wheel tells the story of Durga and Mahisha fighting one another. When rotated clockwise, the story transforms—and Durga and Mahisha fall in love.
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Tiny Wings: Andreas Illiger

Curator: Rafael Fajardo
date: October 31, 2011
Categories: Entertainment Design, Experience Design, Illustration
Tags: casual game, game, interaction, interface, one-button
Tiny Wings is a one-button game available on iOS devices (sorry Android owners). It is easy to learn, difficult to master, devilish to play, delightful to look at, quick to download.
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