Esther Stewart's Deceptively Simple Geometric Artwork

Curator: Verònica Fuerte
date: April 8, 2015
Categories: Art, Poster Design
Tags: art, painting, Poster
Esther Stewart

Esther Stewart is an Australian artist. At first glance her work seems to be digital, but it's actually painted. Her work is simple—but that’s not a bad thing. It might seem easy to draw geometric shapes and color them in, but getting the balance between both sides is really quite difficult.

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Josh Cochran's #StoryoftheOpen Billboard for the U.S. Open

Curator: Dan Blackman
date: September 17, 2014
Categories: Advertising, Art, Illustration
Tags: advertising, painting, sports
New York illustrator Josh Cochran just wrapped up his 15 day #StoryoftheOpen billboard project, commissioned by the U.S. Open. 

The concept (by DDB for USTA) was to capture and paint this year's most memorable daily moments at the Open. The best of each day would then be painted by Cochran on a billboard at the entrance of the Midtown Tunnel. 

It was a complete joy to keep up with the project over the course of Open, and to see what Josh was going to paint next.

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The Paintings That Inspired Daniel Palillo's Spring/Summer Collection

Curator: Dan Blackman
date: September 15, 2014
Categories: Art
Tags: art, Fashion, painting
Artist Daniel Palillo
Last month while visiting friends in Helsinki, I had the pleasure of briefly meeting artist and fashion designer Daniel Palillo, who’s show "Paintings About the Fashion World" was recently on view at The Hole gallery in New York City. 
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Vipera: A Collaboration Between Luca Zamoc and Ferran Gisbert

Curator: Gemma O'Brien
date: August 18, 2014
Categories: Art, Illustration
Tags: art, painting, spain
As guest artists at Valencia's Poliniza Street Art Festival in May 2014, Luca Zamoc and Ferran Gisbert spontaneously decided to collaborate on a piece that combines their individual approaches to large-scale painting. The result is "Vipera," a 10-meter long snake that wraps around the wall of the city's Polytechnic University. 
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Artist Michael Gaughan Paints Farting Turtles (and More)

Curator: Patrick Richardson
date: July 29, 2014
Categories: Illustration
Tags: art, painting
As a kid, my only experience of watercolor painting was what I like to refer to as "Mom Art"—floral still-life paintings and serene landscapes I viewed in small Midwestern resort town galleries. I wasn't what you'd call a fan of the medium. 

And then I saw Michael Gaughan's (definitely not in one of those afore-mentioned galleries). An extraordinary talent with a keen sense of humor, he's my kind of artist.
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