Viva La Revolución Part II: Fernando Gaverd

Curator: David Grey
date: October 21, 2014
Categories: Art, Brand & Identity Design, Poster Design
Tags: graphic design, Mexico
Fernando Gaverd is another amazing Mexican designer. He creates some of the sexiest work I know; curves and lines that dance at the intersection of human form and geometry. He has the sensibility of a classic typographer and the curiosity of a graffiti kid. His symbols are amazing. They look like Frank Lloyd Wright inspired alien hieroglyphics. And his photography is stunning when used in his own projects. 

I’m always impressed by his sensitivity to scale and rhythm and movement and inspired by his confident mark-making. I have a feeling the world will soon be seeing much more of Fernando's work.

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Viva La Revolución Part I: Marco Lukini

Curator: David Grey
date: October 20, 2014
Categories: Art, Poster Design
Tags: art, Mexico
Mexico is where it’s at. Some of the most creative, open minded and hardworking designers can be found just to the South. Marco Lukini is certainly one of them. Combining a photographer’s eye with a sculptor’s mind, Marco creates contemplative image-making that channels Lazlo Moholy Nagy, French philosophy and the Incredible Hulk. 

Before finding graphic design, he studied film and photography in Mexico City. His creative process is an interweaving of digital and analog techniques. Marco likes to loop technology and remix his own world. With the force of a hammer, he constructs, deconstructs and reconstructs the principles of magnetism through the elements of design. I’m constantly inspired by the weight, strength and truth of his black-and-white imagery.
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Rad Designer Alert: Misha Kahn

Curator: Nora Wolf
date: October 17, 2014
Categories: Art, Product Design
Tags: art, sculpture

Weird. Gross. These are my highest compliments when it comes to design (seriously). If a designer can make something that makes me giggle, makes me want to touch it, intangibly reminds me of food AND is still functional and perfectly executed—then I’m sold. 

I definitely drank the Kool-Aid because I’m really digging the Memphis revival.  I wouldn’t say Misha Kahn’s work fits exactly into this Memphis 2.0 grouping, but it's part of a larger design movement that celebrates the serious and silly.

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Building a Sukkah, the Ultimate Design Brief

Curator: Nora Wolf
date: October 16, 2014
Categories: Art, Sustainable Design
Tags: architecture, holidays

If you’ve been through Willamsburg this week you’ve probably seen a lot of what looks like huts, shacks or makeshift shelters. These are actually Sukkahs, part of Sukkot, a Jewish holiday. Until recently, I wasn’t very well educated about them. I knew that many families ate all their meals inside them, and some (even entire families) will sleep in their sukkah for the duration of the holiday. They're built for entertaining and being together, which sounds great to me!

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Odd Harmonics: A Family of Theramins

Curator: Nora Wolf
date: October 15, 2014
Categories: Art, Design in Music, Product Design
Tags: instrument, music

I love odd musical instrument design, as seen in yesterday's post. This charming family of theremins (yes, they all work) were on display at Wanted Design’s Industry City outpost, and I loved them all.

But if I had to choose just one to take home, the clear winner is the one with the curly white hair. I thought the designer, François Chambard of UM Project, really moved the design conversation forward by looking at an oft ignored—even forgotten—object and bringing it back to life. These theremins were expertly executed, full of character, accessible, and were by far my favorites from last design week. 

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