A Charming Animated Video to Teach Design's Impact to Kids

Curator: Sue Murphy
date: September 10, 2014
Categories: Art, Design in Film, Information Design
Tags: animation, educational, social design
A must watch video.

"If, for one day, you had the power to make your world better, what would you change?"

I wish I'd been asked that as a kid. Pivot Dublin commissioned Scott Burnett and Johnny Kelly to create a film to promote the value of design to children in schools in Ireland.

Things have changed a lot since I was a young one in a small town in Ireland. Before the Internet or moving to Dublin for college, I had no idea what design was. The contrast between then and now is charmingly wonderful. Sitting here at a desk in New York I can feel the effects of this fantastic video as well as if I was at a desk across the Atlantic.

Written by graphic designer Scott Burnett (creative director of Studio AAD, a delicious studio well worth bookmarking) and the prolific Irish prodigy Johnny Kelly (what can I say, it's an apt description), "the film shows a day in the life of a nuclear family, but also illustrates some of the changes that happen over time." 

Besides making a delightful video that communicates this meaty message in a simple way (no easy feat), they created a website that's a resource of the history of design in general as well less appreciated design work and the people who do it.

Overall, it's great design for a great cause. I hope design continues to become a part of the lesson plan in classrooms. 

(P.S. Kids, I can vouch it works out okay if you're a bit useless at math.) 



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