A revolution in type specimens starts with one Commercial Type Showcase

Curator: Jesse Ragan
date: April 13, 2015
Categories: Advertising, Experience Design, Typography
Showcase landing page

Commercial Type’s Showcase microsites have escalated the recent experimentation in online type specimens, into new and absurd territory.

Designer Wael Morcos explains, “Commercial Type Showcase is a set of sixteen microsites for Commercial Type webfonts library. The showcase takes the concept of interactive type specimens a step further and explores how type design can be experienced differently when paired with the abilities of the web.”

Each high-concept microsite is a delightful interaction, ranging from bold elegance to bizarre poetics. The Graphik microsite provides the remarkable opportunity to discuss typeface design with the famous therapist-bot ELIZA.

Here’s hoping this Showcase inspires many equally eccentric type specimens from other designers.

Wael Morcos
Graphik microsite

Wael Morcos
Stag microsite

Wael Morcos
Dala Floda microsite

Wael Morcos
Gabriello microsite

Wael Morcos
Druk microsite

Created for Commercial Type by Wael Morcos, Branimir Vasilić, Sarah Guck, Kat JK Lee, and more.
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