Aaron Koblin Doing It Yet Again with "Unnumbered Sparks"

Curator: Sue Murphy
date: September 8, 2014
Categories: Art, Environmental Design, Experience Design
Tags: art, digital, installation, interactive, sculpture
The badass video explaining the project

If life was like The Matrix I'd ask for the Aaron Koblin card to be loaded into my brain. I'm always excited to see what project he's been working on. I have a hard time explaining to my family what I do, I can't even imagine how he does it. 

For TED's 30th anniversary, sculpture artist Janet Echelman and digital artist Aaron Koblin made "Unnumbered Sparks," an interactive sculpture in the sky right in downtown Vancouver. Visitors were invited to create art upon this giant canvas at night time. It's absolutely stunning and just so damn cool on so many levels. Firstly, look at it. Is this real life? This IS real life! 

On the digital side, it was built entirely in Chrome, and executed via a 745 foot-wide fiber rope structure suspended between two buildings. From concept to craft, everything about this project was stellar. 

Yes, this is real life.



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