Acne Paper

Curator: Ryan Essmaker
date: May 8, 2015
Categories: Book & Magazine Design
Tags: art, culture, Fashion, Magazine
Acne Paper Issue 15: LIV — Portraits of actress and director Liv Ullmann from the Swedish Film Institute. Interview with Jonas Rein Seehuus.

The granddaddy of them all in my opinion is Acne Paper. It’s truly an enviable piece and something that I believe can only be done consistently with a successful brand behind it. It’s format is ballsy and still incredibly delicate, with it’s recycled paper stock mimicking that of a very high-end newsprint. 

The typography is well-executed and the photos impeccable—it’s no wonder it’s released every two years. The amount of work that goes into each issue is evident.
Acne Paper Issue 15: SCREEN TEST — Fashion story by Daniel Jackson. Styling by Mattias Karlsson.
Acne Paper Issue 15: ISABELLE — Isabelle Huppert in the role of Garbo, photographed in Cap d'Ail by Andreas Larsson. Interview by Julien Gester.
Acne Paper Issue 15: PURE PORTRAITS — Portrait photography portfolio of twenty-eight leading actresses from the archive of Brigitte Lacombe. In conversation with Gini Alhadeff.
Acne Paper Issue 15: Isabella Rossellini and Vanessa Redgrave by Brigitte Lacombe.
Acne Paper Issue 15: ALICIA — Portrait story with Alicia Vikander as Marlene Dietrich photographed by Paolo Roversi. Interview by Jessica Hundley.
Acne Paper Issue 15: THE WOMEN OF VIRAMONTES — Drawings by fashion illustrator Tony Viramontes. Interview with Dean Rhys-Morgan by Cally Blackman.
Acne Paper Issue 15: THE ILLUSIONIST — Opening and closing portrait portfolio from the Golden Era of Hollywood by photographer George Hurrell. Interview with art dealer Grier Clarke by Duncan Campbell.

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