Alarm Dock: Jonas Damon and Corey Hall with Areaware

Curator: JaegerSloan Inc
date: November 30, 2011
Categories: Experience Design, Information Design
Tags: areaware, iPhone
Alarm Dock, by Jonas Damon and Corey Hall in collaboration with AreaWare

Alarm Dock, by Jonas Damon and Corey Hall in collaboration with Areaware, is an all-wood design that at once recalls the style and functionality of those ubiquitous faux wood clocks from decades past, in a beautifully simple, fresh and responsible design.

Made only of sustainably harvested new growth beech wood (no plastic or electronics here) the design takes advantage of the perfect alarm clock that you may already have. With a perfectly carved space for your iPhone or iPod to charge while simultaneously displaying a free custom flip clock app to tell time, why buy another electronic device when you might already have one that does just what you need, and then some.

Clock/alarm app

Clock/alarm app

With all of the flashy things out there for you to plug an iPhone into, this all-wood creation is our favorite, while also helping ensure that you remember to recharge your phone overnight.

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