Americana: Carl Patridge

Curator: Hilary Greenbaum
date: April 4, 2012
Categories: Illustration
Carl Partridge, “Americana” series

On UK-based illustrator Carl Partridge’s website, the only preface for his series entitled “Americana” is the following: “It’s easier to buy into my idealization of America if you’ve never been, like myself.”

The visuals that follow are filled with both nostalgia and satire. Vintage graphics are paired with drawings or cut paper, all afloat in a barren landscape. While the hits of bright colors and usage of familiar pop culture imagery are inviting, the composition expresses a skepticism of the very materials being used as inspiration. In effect, Partridge is using graphic design as a raw material to represent our culture, and even though the result may reflect a certain sense of disillusionment, the project exemplifies how the images we make can affect how we are perceived.

Carl Partridge, “Americana” series

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