Balancing Blocks: Part and Parcel for Fort Standard

Curator: The Principals
date: August 31, 2012
Categories: Advertising, Entertainment Design, Experience Design, Motion Graphics
Tags: Balancing Blocks, Fort Standard, Part & Parcel
Balancing Blocks, Part & Parcel for Fort Standard

It’s not news that the fractured New York design scene has finally reassembled not in the shadowy streets of Manhattan but along the warehouse-littered shores of Brooklyn. As card-carrying members of this club, no week of curating would be complete without a shout-out to two of the most talented groups in our midst: fellow Pratt alumni Fort Standard and Part and Parcel.   

This video kicks ass. It’s an awesome statement of what happens when two strong forces combine. The balancing blocks themselves are great studies in geometry, and through the subtle personification of grunts, wiggles and scoots, their argument becomes even more compelling. We look forward to seeing what both of these studios produce in the future. Watch and enjoy.   

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