Bauhaus Dessau Foundation: HORT

Curator: OCD
date: August 22, 2011
Categories: Brand & Identity Design
Tags: Bauhaus, Courier, Hort, OCD, system

The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation works to research, conserve and pass on the Bauhaus tradition. HORT did the same when they created the Foundation’s new identity. They eschewed visual cliché and honored Bauhaus philosophy by putting it into practice in 2011.

What’s so sweet about the new system is that it allows for clear but comfortable graphic differentiation from Gropius’ Bauhaus. To conflate the two would undermine the original. They are visually different but functionally—and so philosophically—in sync.

The one historical element is the rounded capital “A” that recalls the Bauhaus building signage. It can, however, be argued that the borrowing here is philosophically defensible because both logos are vertically stacked and so share formal requirements.

Now complete, the identity can be easily implemented because the whole graphic program consists entirely of system typefaces: Arial and Courier. It is supremely Bauhaus in that it is extremely functional, even mass producible.

We “envy” this project because HORT recognized the opportunity to apply strict Bauhaus philosophy to a contemporary design project, then executed it flawlessly. The work itself researches, conserves and passes on the Bauhaus tradition. The mark and the system are true to the ethos of the organization.

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