Belmacz: Mind Design

Curator: OCD
date: August 24, 2011
Categories: Brand & Identity Design
Tags: diamonds, Mind Design, OCD, system, ugly

It’s common to describe branding as “visual storytelling.” When working with Belmacz, a long-term client and jewelry maker, Mind Design asked what brand story is most appropriate and meaningful? The story of a diamond can be ugly.

Ultimately, Mind Design regressed the existing graphic language. The 2011 refresh extends the established wordmark into a full identity system that parallels the life cycle of the gem. The system now visualizes the complicated relationship between source and product. 

The relentlessness of the system’s implementation is remarkable. Every single shape that is cut away from one piece is then applied to another. All that cutting and salvaging nicely reinforces the storytelling.

We “envy” this project because it’s not pretty; in fact, it’s ugly, but meaningfully so. And it’s obsessive. It really gets you in the gut. 

  • AJ Jimenez

    I’m not sure I understand what they are trying to get across here? I see the different forms of the logo… but if I am understanding this project correctly, I feel it is way to difficult to grasp and understand at first glance and may hurt the the brand recognition. I may need some clarification but until then, this is my stance. :)

    In the mean time shoot me some feedback or even a job offer after reviewing a snippet of my portfolio over at

  • Savacool Secviar

    One person’s ugly is another’s beautiful… I love it, visually and conceptually. And kudos to Mind and Belmacz for a brave departure from the norm.

  • guest


  • Kfrissell

    I’m a little confused also. Each part of the logo represents a different cut of the diamond? Each photo is of a different cut? Still don’t totally understand…

  • Nanu8656

    I don’t think this is good design. It is confusing and annoying.

  • 2D

    It is very difficult to understand this logo. I’m not quite sure about the design. The bags looks great though.

  • gngcreative

    Really? The words “pointless” and “meaningless confusion” come to mind, but certainly not “story.” And no, it doesn’t get me in the gut. It’s just annoying.

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