Bird Photo Booth: Bryson Lovett

Curator: Archie Ferguson
date: April 1, 2013
Categories: Advertising, Environmental Design, Packaging Design
Tags: birds, camera, innovation, photograghy, product design, retro design
This is cool on so many levels. It is innovative problem solving at it's best, utilizing the integration of new technologies and good design that references the heritage of the art form.

The Bird Photo Booth is the first feeder which has been developed to house an iPhone, iPod touch and GoPro set, giving one the ability to observe bird activity up close and personal via a live stream to their iPad, computer or other mobile device through a Wi-Fi or bluetooth connection.

Developed by Bryson Lovett, the handcrafted wooden compartment is concealed by an aluminium front door. It’s designed so that your wireless gadget is correctly positioned behind a macro optic lens embedded into the closure, enabling you to harness your iPhone’s built-in face detection technology to reveal the detail of birds’ expressions (which would normally not be visible to the human eye) using one of the suggested apps, such as air beam, duplicam or remote shutter. 

Because of this set-up, your photos and other footage captured rival DSLRs at a fraction of the cost, allowing iPhone 4S prints to be enlarged to up to 52 x 52 inches without pixelation.

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