Black MIDI: kakakakaito1998

Curator: We Have Photoshop
date: May 14, 2014
Categories: Entertainment Design
中学生と小学生がネクロファンタジアの楽譜を真黒にしてみた (title as translated by Google Translate: "Elementary school and junior high school students tried to completely black sheet music Necrofantasia").

This is the earliest example we could find of a “Black MIDI,” a musical score so densely packed with notes that it looks almost completely black. The score, which would be impossible for any human player to perform, is then saved as a MIDI file and performed by a software/hardware synthesizer. The pieces are usually distributed through video sharing networks along with real-time visualizations of the “performance.”

The Black MIDI scene exists somewhere between music, data visualization, viral media, gaming, and hacking culture, without quite belonging to any of them.
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