BMW Guggenheim Lab: Sulki and Min

Curator: OCD
date: August 26, 2011
Categories: Brand & Identity Design
Tags: BMW, Guggenheim, interactive, New York, OCD, sulki and min

Right now, the BMW Guggenheim Lab is in New York City on Houston at 2nd Ave. New York is the lab’s first stop on a nine-city, six-year tour meant to “create public discourse around city life.”

Sulki and Min made the event graphic for the first two-year cycle of the tour and it quite literally is “public discourse.” The substance of the mark is streaming content generated by website visitors. The result is a course, clunky, multi-colored yet completely brilliant wordmark that creates a living record of lab-inspired thinking.


Try it out.


The big impact of the mark is that users have the immediate satisfaction of seeing their ideas input to the collective. It is encouraging, welcoming and validating all at once; the mark might actually increase lab participation.


The first two-year cycle will visit New York as well as Berlin and Mumbai. We look forward to seeing if/how the identity will change as the lab moves. Will the word “lab” be translated? How will non-English text look in the frame? And non-Latin text? 

We “envy” this project because the mark is just right. It is a dynamic system that serves as a public space itself and it gets people talking.

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