Boyfriend in a Bottle: Sparkly Pony

Curator: Jen Bilik
date: December 4, 2012
Categories: Packaging Design
Boyfriend in a Bottle

Boyfriend in a Bottle (and many other people who are missing from your life, also available in bottles) is just plain clever, and perfectly executed by Etsy seller Sparkly Pony. The “human-containing” bottles are packaged in light plywood boxes with sliding covers filled with sawdust and adorned with the most charming, industrial-influenced “Boyfriend in a Bottle” labels.

From start to finish, this item is perfectly done. I wish that Knock Knock could create more “morsels” (that’s how I describe, in my head, little treats and trinkets that are packaged to perfection). Unfortunately, it often seems as if they’ll be too small on the shelf and/or not easily gettable for consumers. But I still hold out hope!

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