City Sonic: Mae Ryan

Curator: Matt Checkowski
date: September 25, 2012
Categories: Advertising, Experience Design
Tags: Documentary, Film, Los Angeles, Sound
L.A. is loud. Cars roar, helicopters buzz, waves crash and (occasionally) subways rumble. Instead of muffling the noise, Alex Braidwood decided to tune in. (KPCC / Director: Mae Ryan / Music: Revolving Record Loop by Matthew Aguilez)

A short documentary film by Mae Ryan for KPCC, a Southern California public radio station, that showcases how Alex Braidwood tunes in to the vibe of his Los Angeles environment.

This film weaves together two of my favorite things: great design and great filmmaking. The little steampunk contraption—designed by the star of the film, Alex Braidwood—isolates the sounds of his immediate environment in a wonderfully charming way. The storytelling of the film really transports us into Alex’s world, not just hearing what he hears through his tubes, possibly an interesting-enough subject for a web film, but goes a step further into the thinking that drives his exploration. Both are smart, whimsical and just really well done.

I admire Mae’s skill at capturing the magic of Alex’s invention, giving us the chance to see the world through his eyes and ears. The culmination of it all, like any great design or story, sparked me to experience my world a little bit differently.
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