Colophon: Anthony Sheret and Edd Harrington

Curator: Eike König
date: December 22, 2011
Categories: Typography
PDU stencil, by Dries Wiewauters

In 2004 I sent Anthony Sheret, 16 at the time, an e-mail saying, “Your work is very very good!” He never replied. A year later we met and became friends. His knowledge about typography was not academic but self-taught through experiments and interest. I was astonished by the acuteness of his concepts and the simplicity of the shapes he designed to communicate his ideas. Typography became the foundation of his work. No wonder, then, that he founded his own type foundry, Colophon, together with Edd Harrington, to design and develop typefaces for their own demands and for distribution.

The Brighton-based foundry also acts as a platform for fonts from other designers, which Sheret and Harrington select. To illustrate this post, I have chosen their newest release, PDU by Dries Wiewauters, that is based on a stencil system Joseph A. David invented for sign-writers in 1876.

Why? Because my father is an architect, and I grew up with a lot of letter and pictogram stencils. I “constructed” my own images by using the shapes in a “not intended” way. I like the possibilities a system offers you by misusing it. And the PDU stencil looks like a Swiss army knife of stencils.

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