Coloring Sheet: Crowded Teeth

Curator: Sam’s Myth
date: March 27, 2014
Categories: Illustration
Tags: coloring, crowded teeth, kawaii, michelle romo
Crowded Teeth
Coloring sheet by Crowded Teeth

Crowded Teeth is the alias of illustrator and designer Michelle Romo. Here’s a fun coloring sheet Michelle made featuring a cast of her signature characters and imagery—all in a giant (and dapper) mushroom head.

Michelle’s characters—alpacas, unicorns, suns, mushrooms, pandas—may induce a kawaii overload if you love cute things as much as I do. But what I love about this piece is that it stimulates your imagination to fill in Michelle’s clean, fluid lines with your own colors, while also looking wonderful on its own; I always enjoy a good black-and-white line drawing rendered in such an orderly and graphic style. More things to color, please!

Crowded Teeth
Michelle with her coloring sheet

Explore the world of Crowded Teeth here, where you can also find Michelle’s collaborations with Disney and the fantastic children’s store, The Land of Nod.
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